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  • How much is it to take the exam?
    Answer: The current fee is $300.00.
  • What is the difference between the old NBCHT Exam and the current exam?
    Answer: The current exam was designed to be a legally defensible exam. The current exam is an entry level exam. The old exam was developed to be the most difficult exam that a colon hdrotherapist could take.
  • How do I study for the exam?
    Answer: I-ACT has prepared a NBCHT Exam review course. Sign up with I-ACT for the course. the cost is $150.00.
  • How many questions on the exam?
    Answer: There are 100 multiple choice questions on the exam. In some cases there are more than 100 questions, but only 100 count for the exam, the other questions are being tested to see if they can be added to the master question database.
  • When do I renew?
    Answer: There is an annual renewal of $100.00. You must get 12 CEUs each year to renew your memberhsip.
  • What are the requirements to renew?
    Answer: You must receive 12 CEUs or attend one I-ACT Convention and get the 12 CEUs to be eligible to renew.
  • Where do I test?
    Answer: IQT, the test agency for our NBCHT Exam is located around the US and international. They have 273 sites in the US and 40 International sites located in (– 3 Australia, – 19 Canada, – 1 Columbia, – 1 Egypt, – 2 Germany, – 1 Greece, – 1 Hong Kong, – 3 India, – 1 Lituania, – 1 Malaysia, – 2 Pakistan, – 1 Poland, – 2 Singapore, – 1 South Africa, – 1 United Kingdom)
  • How long to I have to take the exam at the test site?
    Answer: You are allowed two hours to complete the exam. Once registered for the exam, you will have one year to register for and complete the exam
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